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Post  NaNa on Thu 1 Jan 2009 - 16:49

uhh..i got bored. seriously got nothin to do in qatar. =___=" anyhoooss..here r sum vids/songs dat i think are quite nice. original, remixes, etc. enjoy. =3

Chris Brown ft 8Man - With You
*the rap is not bad. 8Man's not a mainstream singer, tho*

Faber Drive - When I'm With You
*not a mainstream band, but the song's quite nice*

Mitchiexhayate ft Ginjineko - Canon Rock (solo bass cover)
*i like playing bass guitars n i think dis dude is awesome to be able to play dis song using a bass X3*

Sakata - My Grandfather's Clock (cover)
*an old song which is taught to most kids who just started learning how to play instruments; i.e piano*

Wheesung - 사랑은 맛있다♡ (Love is Delicious♡)
*it's in Korean, btw @.@*

SoulJa ft Themla Aoyama - ここにいるよ (Koko ni iru yo/I'll be right here)
*another nice song. the female version of the song's called Soba ni iru ne*

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Random MVs Empty Re: Random MVs

Post  lock90 on Fri 2 Jan 2009 - 14:57

O.O i heard koko ni iru yo b4~! its nice!!!

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